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Success Stories
Sep 09, 2019

Brought Into Line Over 35 Metres

50 processes were brought together in a single 35-metre-long system, employing three LS linear assembly systems operating in total synergy

Success Stories
Aug 12, 2019

Keep Plugging Away

Success Stories
Jul 05, 2019

Development of a New Size of Heavy-duty Rotary Indexing Table

Success Stories
Jun 21, 2019

Out with Pneumatics, in with the Direct Drive

Success Stories
May 03, 2019

Vibration-free Inspections

Success Stories
Apr 03, 2019

Pick & Place for the Assembly of Micro Switches

Lower energy costs: HP handling units with direct drive instead of pneumatic Pick & Place modules

Success Stories
Mar 07, 2019

Mechanical Deburring of Cast Parts by an Articulated Robot

WEISS rotary indexing ring as a feeding unit and 7th robot axis

Success Stories
Feb 05, 2019

Custom Machines for the Assembly of Sealing Rings for Fuel Pumps

High precision and many work steps in even the smallest of spaces thanks to five perfectly matched rotary indexing tables.

Success Stories
Jan 10, 2019

Large Axes, Small Springs

Spring fitting system for the automotive industry: eight processing stations, 24 axes over six square metres