EF3 Rotary Indexing Table Controller

simple interface and operation directly on the device

The control of the controller, which is optimally coordinated with the WEISS rotary indexing tables and their fixed cycles, benefits users by saving time and effort in project planning. With its slim design and size and higher performance, the new EF3 controller increases the convenience of fixed-cycle WEISS rotary indexing tables and also saves space in the control cabinet. With the practical Quick Start Guide and video instructions, getting started is fast and easy.

Compatible with the WEISS products TC, TR


  • Easy to operate directly on the device via keypad
  • Increased performance via integrated fully automatic optimization cycle
  • Rapid error analysis via cumulated error display
  • Compact hardware (all-in-one solution)

Technical Features

  • Integrated safety function Safe Torque Off (STO)to SIL3 (with correct external wiring)
  • No brake wear for a longer service life due to optimal control
  • Gentle gear start from intermediate positions after emergency stop
  • Global compatibility due to preparation for various network standards