LP 2D Linear Portal

Modular plug & play system

The LP 2D linear portal is an intelligent functional unit that combines mechanics, electronics and software. The main components of this versatile solution are the HN and HL linear motor axes, a modified control system and a wide range of different fieldbus interfaces, including OPC UA. All components are coordinated with each other so that customers just have to specify the strokes, load capacity and desired interfaces to have the system configured as they like and ready for use.

Compatible control packages: W.A.S. 2 COMPACT, W.A.S. 2 SCALABLE


  • Just a few specifications to set up the system
  • Reduced engineering times
  • Completely configured upon delivery

Technical Features

  • Load capacity of up to 8 kg
  • Horizontal stroke up to 1000 mm
  • Vertical stroke up to 450 mm
  • No reference run – absolute measuring system
  • Delivered ready for installation
  • Wide range of options