TS005 Indexer Modul

Basic control for rotary indexing tables

TS005 is the new generation of basic controllers for the fixed cycle rotary indexing tables TC, TC-N and TR. The interaction of control, motor, solid state relay and rotary indexing table guarantees the high service life, precision and performance of WEISS.

Compatible with the WEISS products TC, TR


  • Smart product add-ons with Eplan macros, AML files and 4D behavior model reduce time-to-market
  • Compact, closed unit saves space in the control cabinet
  • Semiconductor relay enables ten times more operating cycles than a conventional contactor
  • Reliable, long service life
  • Simple and fast integration into the higher-level plant control system

Technical Features

  • Graphic display for guided commissioning
  • Wide range of diagnostic options and backup of the set parameters
  • Integrated light signal for status detection
  • Backup-and-restore function and integrated memory device
  • Preset parameters for fast, targeted commissioning of the rotary indexing table
  • Increased availability and reliability thanks to remote diagnostics and support