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Social Engagement

As a local, mid-sized family business, we are a global player in the automation industry and also have deep roots in our region. We are grateful for our resources of reliable, hard-working employees and the innovative spirit that they offer us. Through our social engagement in the region, by supporting clubs and associations and aiding local institutions, we want to give something back to society.


Working together with universities

We take our obligation as a training company very seriously and have around eight to ten trainees and six students from cooperative state universities every year. In our view, it's natural to offer them permanent employment after they complete their training. We regularly support universities and educational institutions through sponsorships because we are convinced that vocational training is one of the most important pillars of our society and economy.



WEISS Technology Foundation

Underlying the social responsibility of a business is the desire to give something back to the community and society. This belief is what led Uwe Weiss' to create the WEISS Technology Foundation.
Studies have shown that early support and encouragement of an individual’s talents and abilities produce positive results. The WEISS Technology Foundation is focused on supporting the complete educational path, beginning at preschool, and extending through high school and college. Indeed, today’s students desire to help shape and take responsibility for their own future. Many are uniquely curious, courageous, and creative - enthusiastically seeking subjects for which they can become passionate, and the scope of possibilities and subject matter is more wide-ranging than ever. Through a series of programs and initiatives, the foundation intends to ignite a spark and instill enthusiasm for STEM subjects and Industry 4.0/5.0, important areas of study that will prove to be in high demand in the future.
“Talent has no limits” is the credo of the WEISS Technology Foundation. We strongly believe that the development of interested, talented young people should not be limited. You can find more information at: WEISS Technology Stiftung