Vibration-free Inspections

WEISS rotary table drive instead of a pneumatic solution: for a cheaper and more reliable inspection system.

At a Glance

  • User-programmable ST rotary module from WEISS acts as drive
  • Smooth start-up of the direct drive prevents jolts and vibrations
  • The compact design of the ST 75 leaves room for cameras and sensors
  • Power is transmitted purely via the magnetic field: contact injuries are ruled out


Systron manufactures automation and inspection systems for companies from a wide range of industries such as the precision engineering industry, the pharmaceutical sector, the automotive industry and the field of solar technology. The jolts and vibrations of the pneumatic rotary table negatively affect the accuracy of the measuring process.


In contrast to a pneumatic rotary table drive, often used in a similar configuration, the direct drive of the ST rotary module is controlled by a gentle sinusoidal motion curve. This prevents jolts and vibrations which might distort the measuring results. The compact dimensions also provide lots of space for testing systems such as cameras or sensors to be housed below the rotating plate. What's more, operator safety is also improved as the purely mechanical power transmission rules out the risk of injury.

Measuring & Testing

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