Development of a New Size of Heavy-duty Rotary Indexing Table

Perfect for production lines with heavyweight body working tools for the automotive and aviation industry

At a Glance

  • Four body working tools and enough space for a heavy-duty robot
  • Fast tool changeovers
  • Robot in the centre carries out processing and logistics functions


EDAG, a leading development partner of the mobility industry, was on the lookout for a heavy-duty table capable of carrying four heavy body working tools and featuring space for a robot in the middle. A further development of the WEISS CR model range provided the solution.


The CR 2600 heavy duty table was given an upward extension. With its two-metre central opening it also has enough space for a heavy-duty robot which carries out processing and logistics functions. In addition it is capable of handling weights of up to 20 tons. Fast tool changeover of the four integrated body working tools enables the production of several component versions on one station or the execution of several processing steps in succession.

Body in White

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