Mechanical Deburring of Cast Parts by an Articulated Robot

WEISS rotary indexing ring as a feeding unit and 7th robot axis

At a Glance

  • Automatic deburring solution combines an industrial robot and a rotary indexing table
  • WEISS NR 2200 rotary indexing ring performs the functions of feed unit and tool holder
  • As the 7th axis of the robot, the rotary indexing ring is controlled by the motor of the robot manufacturer


Unimec from the Swiss town of Wetzikon produces gearbox housings and stub axles for rail vehicles, among other things. An automatic solution with a flexible articulated robot was needed to replace manual deburring, a physically exhausting task. A flexible, precise, powerful and safe method of feeding the workpieces was required.


The WEISS NR 2200 rotary indexing ring forms the basis of the deburring system. Up to 8 workpieces and tool holders can be mounted on the ring. The rotary table feeds the workpieces to the industrial robot for processing with interchangeable tools. In order to deburr complicated geometries, the robot can move horizontally to the ring and the ring itself can be swivelled by up to 20°. The NR 2200 is driven – as the 7th axis of the robot.

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