New Generation: EF3 Rotary Table Control System

The servo controller, which is perfectly adapted for WEISS rotary indexing tables, delivers savings in both time and effort during project planning and reduces the work necessary for programming machine controllers.

Unbeatable interplay: Rotary indexing table and control system from WEISS

  Increased performance with minimal space requirements

With its slim performance, the new EF3 servo controller increases the convenience of WEISS rotary indexing tables and saves space in the control cabinet. The removable keypad and a practical, optional control cabinet kit make this system easy to handle, even when space is limited. Depending on the load of the rotary indexing table, we offer a suitably designed brake resistor in the compact base frame as an accessory.

 Connected and get started

Getting started is fast and easy with the included quick start guide. An instructional video and illustrated instructions are also included to ensure that start up quick and easy. The STO safety integration feature per SIL3 makes it possible to integrate this system into your machines without additional wiring.

 Hardware and Software made for one another

Because the rotary indexing table, software, and control system come from single source, they work together perfectly. The compatibility of the EF3 with various net standards guarantees its worldwide application.

 Optimized performance all by itself

The independence of the machine controller ensures that pending commands will always be executed in the precise sequence required. This allows the WEISS rotary indexing tables to be positioned in their optimal state for the nest start signal. The cumulated error display on the keypad makes it possible to rapidly analyze and rectify errors.

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