3rd Triple M-eeting: Gallic villages and digitalization

The 3rd Triple M-eeting took place last week at WEISS GmbH. Eleven managers of mid-sized machine manufacturing companies met in Buchen in Odenwald, Germany to discuss the broad field of digitalization.


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"What does the comic book Asterix and the White Iris have to do with digitalization?", asked Stefan Schnurrenberger, Managing Director of Gluth Systemtechnik GmbH, at the 3rd Triple M-eeting at WEISS in Buchen. He showed the opening scene of the comic at the start of his presentation about positive leadership. A centurion calls for an attack, but the legionaries don't follow his orders: no time, no capacity, not the right equipment, a lack of understanding. That's not the way to be victorious, the experienced engineer and manager summed up. The situation with digitalization is similar. Its advantages and the measures it requires can only be implemented in a company if the employees are actively involved, their concerns are heard and the right tools are made available. The eleven participants in the conference quickly agreed on this point.

Uwe Weiss, CEO of WEISS GmbH, hosted the Triple M-eeting for the third time. The event offers a place for mid-sized companies to exchange ideas about the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in a trusting environment. In addition to the usual participants Dr. Christian Scheifele (ISG), Michael Frieß (HEITEC), Stefan Schnurrenberger (GLUTH), Marcel Nagel (WEISS) and Dirk Engelbrecht (ANDUGO), for the first time Ali Karim (HEITEC), Daniel Auerhammer and Jan-Wilko Helms (AZO), Tim Freitag (FATH) and Tobias Frank in the role of Managing Director of pssbl. Robotics GmbH were also there. The keynote speech by Dr. Jörg W. Fischer (STZ-RIM Reshape Information Management) on the topic of "(P)LM, ERP, MES and CRM – a new perspective – a new universe" elicited strong emotions right from the start of the event and set a lively conversation in motion.

A deep dive into one's own company is essential for introducing and using IT systems. It is also the basis for digitalizing processes and launching digital products and services. One should not underestimate the complexity of the various dimensions here, the expert said.  

While the Managing Director of AZO and the Strategy & Special Project Manager of FATH provided insights into employee involvement and sales digitalization, Karim and Engelbrecht underscored the importance of platforms on different levels. ISG highlighted the advantages of digitalization in a changing working world in view of the shortage of skilled workers.

At the end of the day, Uwe Weiss looked back positively on a successful event. "The open and trusting conversations we had here are equally unique and motivating. The wide variety of topics shows that there is no single recipe for digitalization," said the CEO of WEISS. The next meeting has already been set. “I'm happy and feel that my efforts have been affirmed, since Triple M has become an institution among the participants. Here, people with the same goals and similar challenges come together," said Uwe Weiss.

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