Triple M: Virtual commissioning as an independent discipline

Based on its experience in developing and using simulation software, ISG, the host of the 2nd Triple M, is very familiar with the challenges involved in applying these solutions.


When it comes to system development, Managing Partner Christian Scheifele from ISG considers virtual commissioning to be an independent discipline. Alongside experts for mechanical systems, fluids/pneumatics, electronics and software, machine manufacturers and system integrators now require a specialist for virtual commissioning. To the mechatronics engineer with a doctor’s degree, virtual commissioning is the driver of change in the company’s mindset: “I have a completely new awareness of the role of digital engineering.

Mechanical Engineering no longer sets the tone or defines the speed – it’s now on the Virtual Commissioning department.” At an early point in the system development process, the persons responsible for virtual commissioning present their requirements to the classic design departments. These requirements must be integrated into the machine development process. The new demands necessitate a change in workflows. Frequently, software solution providers act as change managers and also provide advice on processes.

To support the development of systems and machines, WEISS offers simulation models for virtual commissioning in its TwinStore. They make development phases shorter, reduce commissioning effort, and enable any disruptive factors to be detected early on.

With its “Triple M – Mission for medium-sized machine manufacturers” series, WEISS GmbH has created a platform to bring together component manufacturers, plant manufacturers and operators, and software specialists from the field of virtual engineering and commissioning where they can share experience and expertise. The platform aims to shed light on the challenges of digitalization – for SMEs in particular – and initiate joint solutions and ideas for implementing them.

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