New start-up facilitates access to robotics

Schubert Business Development GmbH (Crailsheim, Germany) and WEISS GmbH (Buchen, Odenwald, Germany) have founded a new start-up, pssbl. Robotics GmbH. The goal of this entity is to simplify the introduction of robotics in machine and plant manufacturing. CEO Tobias Frank’s solutions in support of this goal comprise integrated robot packages and a control platform that is partially based on AI.


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The idea behind the start-up is as simple as it is revolutionary. pssbl.’s goal is to make robotics intuitive, user friendly, and adaptable. Integral to this concept is making these technologies accessible to everyone. The start-up plans to design solutions that can be applied regardless of users’ capabilities, technical expertise, language, and basic parameters. Furthermore, the platform’s interfaces are open for the integration of plant and machine manufacturers’ expertise into the system. CEO Tobias Frank from pssbl. shares, “Automation and robotics are the drivers of economies with strong production, which is true of both wealthier countries and developing regions. With pssbl., we enable the economic success of companies regardless of stage of development. By being free from restrictive conditions and incorporating customer expertise, pssbl. will enable ideas to become reality.” Tobias, who studied robotics and automation engineering, has been contributing his great wealth of experience to WEISS for more than 10 years.

pssbl. has high standards – and it has the backing of two companies that really know the market in SCHUBERT and WEISS. The two family companies have been successful in machine manufacturing and automation for more than a combined 100 years and are now pooling their experience within the framework of pssbl. The company is headquartered in Buchen, Germany and was entered into the commercial register on November 6, 2023. Schubert Business Development GmbH and WEISS are each 50% owners of the new startup.

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