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The advantages of automating production and assembly processes are already well-known: shorter production times, lower costs, fewer physically taxing work processes and increased productivity and quality. To enjoy these advantages, reliable components that are harmonized with the overall system are required. They are completely integrated, shorten transport times to the greatest extent possible and increase economic efficiency. At Motek in Stuttgart from October 4-7, 2022, in Hall 5/Booth 5301, WEISS will show solutions for linear and rotary workpiece movement that can be easily integrated into the overall system of hardware and software.


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“Our automation components are based on a mature mechatronic concept whose performance we continuously fine-tune to the maximum,” said CEO Uwe Weiss to describe the WEISS World concept. Inside the WEISS World – as the automation specialists from Buchen, Germany, call their mechatronic platform – mechanics, electronics and controls are perfectly harmonized. WEISS considers this the basis upon which digitalization can truly bring added value. “Since we can provide our customers with everything from one component to a fully integrable system that functions reliably, precisely and smoothly, mechanisms of digitalization such as data analysis, prediction and independent adaptation can operate and deliver extra added value,” added Weiss.

New 5th generation rotary indexing tables
WEISS rotary indexing tables have been proven for decades, but particularly in view of the ongoing digital transformation of machine manufacturing, WEISS will be presenting new features for them. The entire product group of fixed-station and freely programmable tables has been redesigned. New sizes extend the existing portfolio and improvements have been made to overall performance. The new generation makes it easier for users to access digitally supported production automation gradually. To achieve this breakthrough, the experts analyzed market data and tested the previous design concept against the database of comprehensive test cycles. The result is a new mechatronic platform. The combination of rotary indexing table, motor, controls and the digital services of today and the future is harmonized such that the solution is seamlessly integrated into an overall system and data are made transparent and easily accessible. At the same time, the performance data have significantly improved. Parallel to the sales launch, simulation models of the new sizes will be available for virtual commissioning. 

Automation from a single source
With the modular LS Hybrid linear transfer system in conjunction with linear axes, pick & place modules or the DR delta robot, automated processes can be implemented in very confined spaces. With the LS Hybrid linear transfer system, individual positioning tasks can be flexibly mapped on a platform and put together as modules according to customer requirements. The flexibly selectable combination of cam, linear and belt drives enables different processes to be positioned in very confined spaces. The main module of the LS Hybrid is the specially developed eCam module, which features very short locking phases and transport times. In fact, the LS Hybrid can reduce transport times by up to 40 percent. The level of precision is ± 0.03 millimeters in the X, Y and Z directions. With its diversity of variants, the WEISS linear portal modular system is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The options required for efficient automation are standardized. They support fast project planning and efficient engineering – also and especially on the customer side. WEISS offers its linear module modular system as a complete solution, including extension cables in the energy chains and gantry supports. In conjunction with the W.A.S. 2 control package, the linear axes can be integrated into an overall system according to the Plug and Play principle. The same applies to HP Pick & Place units. Their positions and motion sequences are freely programmable, precise and extremely dynamic if required. WEISS offers two sizes, covering strokes from 65 to 150 millimeters vertical and 125 to 400 millimeters horizontal. The maximum load is 3 kilograms. The repeatability is 5 micrometers. Option variants such as absolute measuring systems, integrated valves and various methods of media infeed make the HPs from WEISS interesting for many different applications.

With its high dynamics, the DR delta robot is specially designed for high-speed assembly and handling. For repeatability of ±0.01 to ± 0.05 millimeters, it has a nominal load of up to 50 kilograms. The broad portfolio is suitable for almost any application in sectors such as the packaging industry, electrical assembly and the food and beverage industry. The proprietary WEISS control makes it possible to commission and operate the DR without any in-depth knowledge of controls. The graphical user interface clearly presents the required settings and enables access to the key parameters.

Services at a glance
The ease of implementation and operation of WEISS automation components is reflected in the automation specialist’s services. In the new service portal launched in October, WEISS has compiled the most important information in a central place. Users will find data around the WEISS products to download, including technical documentation, brochures and other information. A ticket system ensures that service requests are assigned to the right specialist contact and can be processed rapidly. With the help of serial number tracking, customers can find information about the components they use.

In the TwinStore from ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH, WEISS provides access to simulation models of its components and solutions. These 4D models contain the data required for virtual commissioning. Further, the 2D and 3D CAD models of the redesigned rotary indexing tables and all standard components will successively be available for download in the Cadenas PARTcommunity. WEISS predicts that application databases such as GO2automation will play an important role in the purchasing behavior of users and system integrators in the future. This is why WEISS systematically supports customers in developing application examples and works closely with GO2automation.

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