Corona Virus: WEISS is here for you

We are monitoring the situation under the influence of the Corona/Covid-19 crisis very closely and the resulting measures are also extremely relevant for us as the WEISS Group. The health protection of our employees and our business partners is our top priority. Nevertheless, we are determined to use our combined strengths to keep the restrictive effects on our customers' supply chains and processes as low as possible and to continue accepting deliveries from our suppliers. We want to meet promised deadlines and maintain delivery to our customers.

Continued reliability and fairness

Just now, we are aware of the importance of values such as planning security, fairness and reliability for you as customer and business partner. Be assured that we are doing our utmost to fulfill your orders and deliver them on time. During the last months our company has successfully taken extensive internal preventive measures to maintain our high level of performance.

Hygiene concept to protect our employees and business partners

The protection of our employees, customers and business partners is paramount. Since February 2020, our Corona prevention team has been in exchange several times a week to keep our hygiene concept up-to-date, to assess challenges from day-to-day business and to adopt further protective measures.

With the new Corona Regulation, we have equipped our entire workforce with disposable medical masks as well as FFP2 masks. All employees are instructed in how to deal with this. We pay close attention to compliance with the "AHA-L" rules. If possible, administration employees work from home or in separate areas. Alle avoidable contact, such e.g. meetings are replaced by measures to minimize employee gatherings. For our manufacturing and assembly colleagues, we have introduced alternative work and break models to minimize social contacts and minimize the risk of contagion for all.

If visits from our customers and business partners are still required, we kindly ask you, dear customers and business partners, to help with compliance with the hygiene regulations. If you are ill, cold or at home in quarantine due to a suspected case, we will find a new appointment.

The possibility of communication is guaranteed

Even if on-site visits are currently becoming more difficult, your personal contact person will be happy to assist you if necessary. Our employees are equipped with remote workstations and can be reached digitally and by telephone. We offer our customers advice via teams or team viewers in the best quality. You can also visit our digital trade fair presence with many interesting insights and product presentations at

Our production remains efficient

Our production runs to the full in all areas. There are currently no bottlenecks in the supply chains of our preliminary products. The WEISS Group is well positioned globally. Should there be restrictions or the failure of individual production channels, we can fall back on our warehouses in the USA, China and India.

If you, as a customer, want to secure your supply chain and increase your stock as a precautionary measure, we are glad to meet this request. Talk to your contact person.

Shipping and logistics without disruption

We cooperate with several transport service providers. There is currently no sign of a restriction on delivery routes within Germany. However, there may be delay/queue time at European borders. Our business partners are instructed to inform us immediately of any complications. We will, of course, keep you up to date. We will continue to inform you about current developments on our website and keep you informed about any changes.