LS Hybrid Linear Transfer System

For more output and flexibility

Whether it's the cam drive, direct drive, freely programmable redirection or a belt system – the LS Hybrid transfer system is based on a modular design principle and allows you to adapt the system even more precisely to your application needs than ever before. This lets you implement the right module with the appropriate drive technology for maximum precision or dynamics to fit the process step. Our e-cam is used, a further development of our proven cam drive. The LS HYBRID can be expanded and modified in any way and at any time.


  • Up to 40% shorter cycle times
  • More processes in less space
  • Demand-oriented investment
  • Plug & play: Fast installation and startup
  • Drive modules for any requirement

Technical Features

  • e-cam module
    • Strokes 64mm, 128mm, 256mm
    • Jerk-optimized motion profile
    • 60 cycles per minute (depending on stroke)
  • Linear motor module
    • Free programmability (any stop position)
  • Customer-specific cycle time optimization possible
  • Direction of movement CCW
  • Fieldbus interfaces
    • EtherCat
    • ProfiNet
    • EthernetIP
  • Workpiece carrier recognition with RFID

Product Video

LS Hybrid

Technical Data

  • max. load
    10 kg
  • workpiece exchange time
    0,25 - 0,40 s
  • direction of movement
    counterclockwise (CCW)
  • cell length
    1152 mm
  • length of workpiece carrier
    220 mm
  • stroke e-cam module
    64, 128, 256 mm
  • repeatability e-cam module (X-axis)
    ± 0,03 mm
  • repeatability linear motor module (X-axis)
    ± 0,01 mm
  • repeatability (Y-, Z-axis)
    ± 0,03 mm
  • e-cam module
  • belt module
  • linear motor module
  • power supply
    200-480V, 50-60Hz