LS Link Precision Link Conveyor System

Fast, flexible & reliable with reduced system complexity

LS Link, the precision link conveyor system, is designed to transport workpieces in automated assembly and packaging lines. Thanks to its drive concept, it is winning over users wherever the application demands precision and short transport times. The reduced complexity of the system and high reliability ensure high productivity and economic efficiency.

More information on the WEISS LS Link Conveyor System


  • Precise: additional encoder at the output of the drive train
  • Dynamic: backlash-free drive train consisting of servo motor and planetary gear
  • Flexible: use of all common servo drives and PLC controls possible
  • Robust: planetary gear with patented wear compensation
  • Integration: uniform frame widths independent of chain link length
  • Plug & Produce: fast commissioning of the system

Technical Features

  • High-quality drive technology combined with innovative guide concept
  • Guided chain links in drive and deflection as an option
  • Approx. 60 parts per minute, depending on stroke and process time
  • Wide range of parts due to loading of up to 50 kg per chain link
  • Installation position horizontal as well as vertical
  • Direction of motion CCW (counterclockwise) and CW (clockwise)

LS Link

Technical Data

  • max. load vertical mounting position :
    50 kg per chain link
  • max. load horizontal mounting position :
    20 kg per chain link
  • process forces (without support) :
    ca. 1000 N
  • Mounting Position :
    horizontal & vertical
  • Structure :
    Oval with 180° corner
  • Direction of movement :
    Counterclockwise (CCW), clockwise (CW)
  • Chain link length :
    80, 100, 125, 150 mm
  • Power supply :
    200-480V, 50-60Hz