All WEISS products in 3D

From rotary indexing tables through linear motor axes to handling units – AR technology enables users to visualize WEISS products in real size in their respective working environment and to assess them at a very early planning stage. Simply point the camera of your smartphone or PC at a “product tracker” of your choice, and the corresponding product will appear on display.

How it works

  1. Install the WEISS AR app corresponding to your hardware. *

  2. Open the app and choose a WEISS product from this brochure.

  3. Hold the AR tracker directly in front of the camera (or vice versa) until the AR Feature starts and the product appears on your display. Please keep only one tracker visible at once.
  4. Take some distance and move the tracker (or the camera around the tracker) to see the product from different angles.


Please find the WEISS AR app here:

* For Android

* For iOS

For Windows PC  Download

System requirements
iPhone: iPhone 5S or above
Android: Samsung Galaxy S6 or similar
Windows PC: Windows 7 or higher, 2 GHz dual-core
, 8 GB RAM-memory, 1 GB dedicated graphic card, Webcam installed and connected to the computer


Brochure AR
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