WEISS introduces its latest basic version of the Rotary Indexing Table Controller

The TS005 Indexer Module is the latest basic controller for WEISS Rotary Indexing Tables. This perfect combination of a control system, motor, and rotary indexing table ensures a long service life, high precision and performance from WEISS.


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WEISS will soon be offering a new generation of basic actuation for actuating its TC, TC-N and TR fixed-station Rotary Indexing Tables. The new TS005 replaces its predecessor TS004. The TS005 continues to offer all the essential functions of a Rotary Indexing Table Controller and is ideal for the demands of a modern production environment. It is a further milestone in the digital development of the WEISS product portfolio.

TS005 in detail
Apart from the basic functions of a Rotary Indexing Table Controller with actuating and operating prompts, the control module features a wide range of diagnostic options such as an alarm list, a logbook, and I/O testing. The „Backup and Restore“ function is provided to safeguard the set parameters. The TS005 Control Module is downward compatible with its previous model, the TS004. A graphic display makes operation and commissioning easier. As a self-contained unit and with its mounting rail, the module can be easily installed in the control cabinet to save space. The compact form of the Indexer Module can be seamlessly integrated into modern control cabinet concepts. With the modular design of TS005, the controls and display are positioned directly in the access area and field of view. A light signal integrated into the front of the module shows the status of the controller. Instead of a classic motor contactor, WEISS relies on a semi-conductor relay.

The relay ensures maximum reliability, especially in series production and for high quantities, because the number of switching cycles is almost ten times higher than that of a conventional motor contactor. This significantly reduces the likelihood of system downtimes. Because Rotary Indexing Tables offered by WEISS are in service for up to 30 years – and even longer in some cases – a controller must be reliable and feature a long service life, making it an essential part of the scope of delivery.

Shorter project planning and commissioning times with digital supporting data
The WEISS TS005 Indexer Module provides data to support digital engineering. The smart product add-ons range from EPLAN macros and AML description files to the 4D behavior model for virtual commissioning. This makes control cabinet and commissioning planning easier while enabling end-to-end system simulation. System integrators and operators, plus the commissioning team, save time by using prefabricated data. A key benefit is the ability to avoid errors in the early stages of development. The validated supporting data of TS005 aids modern engineering processes eliminating the continuation of potential errors. This is an essential step towards cost-efficient plant development according to the „Rule of 10“.

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