Triple M: Digitalizing non-IT company areas

Digitalization goes hand in hand with various challenges. At the second Triple M-eeting in Stuttgart, Germany, the participants discussed how non-IT areas of companies can be introduced to digitalization topics.


Gluth Systemtechnik GmbH from Straubing, Germany, sees clear potential for eliminating sources of error and accelerating processes in the implementation of IT-supported process workflows – particularly in the production environment and at interfaces to the design department. The human factor is important to Gluth: “Digitalization projects should not be driven by the IT department only. It is important to ask employees what they need in order to work efficiently. This approach is not much different from an analysis of customer needs,” said Ulrich Radlbeck from Gluth. When it comes to employees who are not used to regularly and extensively working with software tools, it is important to integrate their requirements and needs. Gluth understands digital services and tools as aids for making everyday life at work easier, more efficient, and more transparent. The more intuitive and easier they are to use, the higher the level of acceptance and the faster their implementation. 

With its “Triple M – Mission for medium-sized machine manufacturers” series, WEISS GmbH has created a platform to bring together component manufacturers, plant manufacturers and operators, and software specialists from the field of virtual engineering and commissioning where they can share experience and expertise. The platform aims to shed light on the challenges of digitalization – for SMEs in particular – and initiate joint solutions and ideas for implementing them. 

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