automatica, you were mind-blowing!

The WEISS Group experienced four a.wesome, u.nconventional, t.errific, o.ptimistic, m.otivating, a.mazing, t.urbulent, i.nteresting, c.haotic, a.musing trade fair days.


Once again, automatica in Munich lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s leading trade fairs for automation and robotics. Around 570 exhibitors showed innovative concepts and intelligent systems, and with its high-tech solutions for assembly automation, WEISS was one of them.

At the WEISS booth, visitors experienced the combination and integration options of various WEISS components live, based on an example assembly process. They also found out about WEISS control systems and software solutions (for example, for virtual commissioning) and were able to virtually and interactively explore the products through 3D models. WEISS also introduced LS Link, the latest member of the WEISS linear transfer systems family, and demonstrated the dynamic and precise positioning of large, heavy elements in their trunnion exhibit. 

Sarah Maurer, the event marketing manager at WEISS, reports: “The atmosphere among the exhibitors and attendees was fabulous. There were visitors from around the globe and we had interesting, constructive conversations. Many people came to our booth, and we were able to make numerous qualified contacts with new and existing customers from Germany and abroad during the four-day event.”

The strong international orientation was not only visible with respect to the visitors, however. Almost half of the team at the WEISS booth were colleagues from foreign subsidiaries. There were not only representatives of the European subsidiaries – many employees came from the USA, the Asian-Pacific region and China.

As part of the automatica Forum on the megatrends in automation, company owner and WEISS Group CEO Uwe Weiss held a talk on “How the mechanical engineering industry deals with digitalization: Answers based on real-world experience” together with Dirk Engelbrecht, the founder and CEO of andugo. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining dialog with open, honest statements about the long way to the digitalization of products, services and internal company processes.

Both the trade fair booth and the performance of the WEISS team were warmly received by customers, trade fair attendees and the technical press, as this comment on LinkedIn shows: “I’d easily give the booth of the WEISS Group an A+. If there's any mechanical engineering company that implements digitalization in an exemplary way and effortlessly achieves its digital transformation, it’s this family-run company from Germany’s Odenwald region. My conversation with these young, dynamic engineers […] was top. Their trade fair motto, "The future is this easy," points […] the way to the future.“

A big thank you to all the partners, supporters and WEISS employees whose work and commitment made this event a unique experience for everyone.

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