Needle Production Line with 20 Stations

For the forming, bending and drilling of medical needles, the linear transfer system LS 280 is the alternative to the rotary table.

At a Glance

  • Needle production line on the basis of a WEISS linear assembly system – the LS 280
  • Its transport concept makes it the ideal alternative to the rotary indexing table
  • Turnkey system including WEISS Application Software (WAS) and commissioning by a WEISS technician
  • High degree of positioning accuracy of ±0.03 millimetres
  • No follow-up indexing required after completion of the processing steps


Jouhsen-bündgens is a manufacturer of wire processing systems used in the automotive and electrical industry amongst others. The company was commissioned by a manufacturer of medical needles to engineer a machine capable of producing straight and bent needles at a high cycle rate. And all this in a wide range of diameters and lengths.


With regard to the high cycle rate, the rotary table would have been first choice. However, due to the large number of process steps and machining stations this was unrealistic. Along came the LS 280. Its concept as a "cut-open rotary indexing table" made it the ideal alternative. It combines a traditional belt transport system with cam drives in the cells, which mechanically interlock the workpiece holders without the need for time-consuming indexing steps.


Contact Person

Adeep Shinde
Sr. Manager – Application Engineering & Segment Business develop
Phone +91 7030 844 413